Custom Fitting : 5 Main Specifications

Lie Angle

The lie angle is the angle that the golf shaft makes with the sole of the golf club and relative to the ground when the sole of the golf club is flat on the ground. The lie angle has the most significant effect on direction and accuracy.

Mechanical testing using a six iron has shown that if the lie angle is wrong by only two degrees, then the golf shot will be off the target line by 20 yards. If wrong by four degrees, the shot will be off the target line by 40 yards. It is interesting to note that in addition, short irons are affected more than long irons.

If the lie angle is too upright: the ball flight will be left of the target line, the grip will be weak and the golfer will have a dislike of ‘tight lies’.

If the lie angle is too flat: the ball flight will be right of the target line, the grip will be too tight and there will be an over-use of the hands.

At Lavender Park we understand a golfer’s lie angle can be affected by many factors such as build, posture and set-up. As part of the custom fit we consider these factors alongside the golfer’s objectives to correctly fit the clubs to the lie angle.

Club Length

Whilst it is true that the longer the golf shaft, the greater the club head speed achieved, it is also true that distance will only be maximised if the ball is struck from the centre of the club face (known as the sweet spot).

Scientific research has shown that a ball struck half an inch horizontally away from the sweet spot will result in a loss of 15 yards distance.

If a club is too short: the shot will come off the toe of the club face, resulting in a thinned shot falling forward on impact and excess knee flex.

If a club is too long: the shot will come off the heel of the club face, resulting in fat shots with inconsistent striking and falling away at impact.

Our Professionals understand that incorrect club length will promote bad posture, alter the swing plane and promote off-centre ball striking. We therefore take static measurements, followed by dynamic testing and ball flight analysis to ensure the correct club length is specified.

Shaft Type and Flex

Proper shaft flex allows the player to load the shaft properly and maximise energy transfer to the ball. Specifying the correct shaft type will maximise club head speed and accuracy.

One of the biggest misconceptions of the game of golf is that there are only two types of golf shaft: steel and graphite. But within these two categories are many other factors which need to be considered when specifying the right shaft for your swing.

Quicker tempo swings generally require heavier shafts and firmer flexes, whilst smoother tempos may benefit from lighter weight shafts with softer flexes.

If a shaft is too flexible: the ball flight will be too high, a hooking ball flight and inconsistent.

If a shaft is too stiff: the ball flight will be too low and week, steering right and with poor distance.

At Lavender Park, we know that dynamic shaft fitting is a necessity as not all shafts are labelled equally, as different golf brands produce specifications based on different testing methods.  Our team will analyse ball flight patterns and swing speeds to maximise shaft performance.

Grip Type and Size

Although the grip type and size are based more on a personal preference, a proper grip size will produce less tension in hands and forearms and facilitate the proper release of the swing.

If the grip is too small: the hands will be over-active and ball flight will go left.

If the grip is too big: the hands will be loose and ball flight will go right.

As part of the custom fitting session, we will gauge the correct type and size of grip for your swing with the knowledge that the correct size is essential to promote the correct amount of wrist turning in the golf shot.

Model / Club Type

Whilst it is important to have a set of golf clubs custom fitted to the golfers swing mechanics, if the look and feel of them is less than desirable then the golfer is unlikely to enjoy using them or use them to their full potential, especially given so much of the game is psychological.

At Lavender Park, we currently offer full custom fitting facilities for  Ping, Titleist ,Srixon ,Cleveland and Yonex as we feel that these are the most technologically advanced brands on the market matched by style.

A custom fitting session usually lasts 45 minutes and costs £40.00, which should you decide to purchase clubs through us based on your specification is refundable.

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