RoboGolf Pro

RoboGolfPro® @ Lavender Park

The Revolutionary Robotic Swing Trainer

Being at the forefront of golfing technology is important to us here at Lavender Park; that’s why we’ve teamed up with Fairweather golf who are now based here. They  have installed the innovative and amazing RoboGolfPro®.

This incredible piece of machinery is one of only two in the UK and  is the first and only swing trainer that allows you to “FEEL” your ideal golf swing, meaning you could learn in a couple of hours which has previously taken years to accomplish.

The RoboGolfPro® has been designed to help our teaching Professionals and students speed up the learning curve. No matter your level of experience you can benefit from what RoboGolfPro® can do. Lee Curling leads the RobogolfPro  at Lavender Park and is well experienced coaching all levels of players from beginners to low handicap golfers. 

RoboGolfPro Fees:

50 Minute Lesson using the Robogolfpro

How it works

Using RoboGolfPro®  and professional coaching knowledge Lee will analyse your current swing and then develop the perfect swing for you which will then be replicated by the RoboGolfPro®

Then you will take hold of the RoboGolfPro® club and practice your perfect swing, with the length, speed and arc of swing based on your own flexibility, physique and golfing aims.