Berkshire's Premier

Snooker / POol

With dedicated and comfortable space we offer four full-size Snooker tables, two English Pool tables and two American Pool tables as well as screens throughout showcasing the live sports, creating a relaxed and friendly environment.



Monday to Saturday: 10am-11pm
Sunday: 10am-10:30pm
Last frame 30 minutes before close

Price: £11.50 per hour



  • Please be courteous to and aware of other customers, refrain from swearing and ensure behaviour is in a manner that befits a family environment.
  • Please do not sit on the tables or toss coins, eat or drink over or on the tables.
  • Please refrain from any shots that are likely to cause damage. Please switch mobile phones and other electronic devices to silent.
  • Please ensure that children under the age of twelve are supervised at all times.