Wedge Fitting

The objective of wedge fitting is to provide the golfer with the best combination of wedges to optimise short game performance and remove yardage gaps, resulting in a decreased score.

Swing Style

There are two primary swing styles that will determine which wedge variables are best for the player’s short game technique:

Slider/ Sweeper: Where the golfer has a shallow angle of attack and slides the leading edge of the club under the ball, thus lifting the ball off the fairway. This player will play best with a wedge that has a narrow sole, less bounce and more camber.
Driver/ Digger: this golfer uses less hand action, a stronger grip and a steeper angle of attach which will take a large divot. This golfer may position the ball back in their stance and trap the ball at impact. This player will play their best with a wedge that has a wider sole, more balance and less camber.

Sole Profile (Bounce, Sole and Camber)

With wedge fitting there are some additional specifications to consider, as the correct sole profile of the wedge needs to be identified to best suit the golfer’s short game technique. Bounce, sole and sole camber work together to provide golfers with ideal turf interaction that compliments their swing style.

Bounce is the angle from the leading edge to the trailing edge of the wedge. The sole camber is the curvature of the sole, measured from the leading edge to the trailing edge.

Our custom fit team is led by David Johnson, a Master Professional with over 50 years fitting experience and fitting consultant to many of the leading golf brands.

At Lavender Park, we currently offer full custom fitting facilities for Callaway, Ping, Titleist and Yonex. A custom fitting session usually lasts 45 minutes and costs £35.00, which should you decide to purchase clubs through us based on your specification is refundable.

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